# Send tabular data

  • Endpoint: https://api.touchbase.report/api/report/
  • Method: POST
  • Payload: JSON object. See details below.
Key Type Description Example
table JSON array Tabular data in format [{ column: value, column2: value, ...} , { column: value, ... }]
report_path list of String The folder in which the report will be stored. Can be nested two levels deep. ['Marketing', 'Campaigns']
report_name String The name of the report. 'Campaign investment advice'
id_headers list of String List of column headers that are uniquely identifying the table row. Interactions in the application will be linked on this level. Columns must match keys from the table data. ['Campaign name','Product group']
api_key String The token that can be retrieved from the application. Tokens are linked to a portal. -